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Please consider turning it on! Confident footsteps echoed inside the small office. Black, expensive shoes came into his view, stopping in front of him.

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A finger lifted his chin, permitting him to look up and lock his gaze with emerald eyes - hard and judging. He has had the wrong Harry louis gay about it for the most part of his life, but that was until his life was changed all of sudden by a certain dominant. Harry Styles, a dominant who relished in executing power over his partners. The man has never had a submissive under a long-term contract, but that was until he visited the training academy and saw a certain submissive.

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Louis takes a step closer, standing toe-to-toe with the mafia leader. He leans up toward Harry, the two so close that Louis can hear Harry's sharp intake of air. He cocks his head back and smiles, "Then you better teach me how to play.

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He follows a hunch and gets caught in a dangerous game when their leader is someone he knows. Other stuff happens too, I guess. If you haven't read it, please read it.

It was supposed Harry louis gay be a game. Louis was supposed to conquer Harry Styles, and destroy him. How could Liam have known that Louis would fall in love with him? That sending him after Harry would be the thing that would tear his life apart. But you see, I'm also stronger than you, taller than you, and overall more masculine than you.

Which means I can force two arms above your head while I ride you, Daddy. Gender roles are rubbish and Harry's the submissive but he wants control in the bedroom. Harry Styles, a photography major in Harry louis gay third year of college, gets wrapped up in the life of Louis Tomlinson, a frat boy who loves to party until dawn.