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I always imagined Japan as a mystical, anime inspired fantasy land — a place so futuristic yet home to the likes of the samurai and geisha.

But what it was really like being gay in Japan? I had no clue. In my head it was as far from Gay japan dating as I could possibly get, all the way on the other side of the globe; exotic, beyond anything I could have imagined in the west. I can not speak for the whole country or what it is like to be gay in Japan for every person — these are just my observations. That is why I encourage you to explore and discover Japanese gay culture with Gay japan dating eyes and an open mind.

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After living in Kyoto for a year and studying Japanese at my university I have experienced both the dating scene as well as long-term relationships in Japan. My longest and most serious experience was when I dated a Japanese guy for one and Gay japan dating half years.

He was out to his family and I was fortunate enough to have a wonderful relationship with them, which is generally pretty rare. I was invited to stay at their house on the weekends, join on family outings and even spend new years, a holiday comparable to Christmas, with his extended family.

The kindness I was shown was truly remarkable. There are really two main types of guys I met while living abroad.

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Those who spoke English well, had lived abroad and had international prospects. The other type had never lived outside of Japan and generally could only speak Japanese.

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