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Send me your socks

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We want to make sure that you are running and reaping the benefits our socks offer. This is why all Rockay Socks come with a lifetime guarantee.

If your sock tears or lacks basic functionality, we will send you a new pair of socks. Each material was carefully selected thanks to their unique cushioned benefits and compressive nature. With the inclusion of Organic Merino Wool, the Rockay Sock will work to ensure your feet are always ready for peak performance. This material ensures the optimal temperature for both warm and colder environments, which helps in the prevention of blisters and chafing. In addition to this, we also included thinner zones, which were strategically placed and designed for each Rockay Sock.

All runners know that hot weather, moisture, or constant friction are some Send me your socks the biggest disadvantages that we face. Instead of making enemies, Rockay is focused on making friends.

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This is why our product will work effortlessly to keep your feet cool, dry, and free of any irritating ailments, like blisters or chafing. In fact, we even carefully designed the heel tab to elegantly blend with the ankle cuff as it promotes a more comfortable running experience. Typically, running brands separate this, which often results in chafing. I was a little hesitant about these socks when Send me your socks first tried them one.

They seems too big in the toe area while everywhere else fit great. I was afraid the fabric in the toes would gather or lay weird when I actually put my shoes on. I was really surprise how great they felt on my runs.

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I absolutely love the slight compression in the arch area. I will be replacing my current running socks with these! I have been wearing these socks on indoor and outdoor runs along with classes at the gym.

They have been so comfortable and supportive. Especially with my plantar fasciitis and neuroma, a comfortable is a Send me your socks. Even tried not washing them for close to a month- took until about the 20th wear for an odor to show up! As advertised, very pleased.

Really comfortable and stylish socks. I noted that my foot sweat less wearing these socks, probably because of wool. I like their quality but after wearing them daily I saw that they started pilling a little bit at Send me your socks bottom. Thanks to elastic band in they middle socks stick well but after playing squash the part closer to fingers is rolling around.

I use to put Vaseline on the bottom of my feet to keep them from blistering from a long run.

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Your socks are the greatest ever. Arch support is also great. Thanks and my Wife loves them too! These socks are awesome! I am looking forward to running many miles in them.

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