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What is your favorite nail polish color and nail shape to wear to work? And, readers — as busy women, do you prefer gel or acrylic over regular nail polish?

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Reader L has a great question:. I have read a good deal of advice online about work appropriate nail colors, but I cannot find much on length and shape. I like to wear acrylics that are modestly long and rounded in order to enlongate my stubby fingers.

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They are short enough to look natural, but they are about a centimeter past my finger tips. I also always wear nude or light pink polish to soften the look.

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I will be starting at a somewhat conservative firm in the fall. Can I keep my nails? Admittedly, my ruler is neon pink and see-through, so, uh, perhaps the measurements are off? In terms of the best Office nail two of nails for work, I think it Office nail two comes down to preference. Ladies, what are your thoughts on work-appropriate nails? What length do you like to keep your nails? No one has said anything.

Blue, usually a deep sapphire, has been my go-to color for years, including when I was an associate in DC biglaw. Blue is such a basic neutral color and goes with everything. I also liked that it reads less girly than pink or vampy than red. I also had acrylics for years, as my nails have always been pathetically weak, but I kept them short and round.

To be honest, my manicured acrylics were much, much Office nail two professional looking than the always-splitting, super short natural nails I have now. A centimeter past the fingertip sounds super dated and long. As I got more senior in Biglaw, I rocked unusual or fashiony colors if it was a week without client meetings — Wicked, gray, brown, navy, dark foresty green, etc.

However, I would stay clear of super bright unusual colors like seafoam or teal, because some partners were super traditional and would definitely have noticed.

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Please no false nails. I have seen every colour of polish on short nails on women of all ages and seniority Office nail two my organization. My law clerk has long nails but they are her painted nails not even gels. Then, the other clerk has slightly shorter longer nails and hers look natural but are acrylic.

But what do I know. I pick off my gel nails in the tub: I so agree with this! I have 3 Office nail two I generally paint my own nails every Sunday night. I keep them filed short and rounded, and typically paint them a conservative color. Today they are a pale shell pink. Having polish on my nails helps me feel more put together, even when everything else might be falling apart.

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What helped me stop picking my cuticles was to keep a cuticle nipper and hand cream at my desk. Also keeps my hands out of my mouth. Sunday night nail-painter here Office nail two I am in a non-legal role now and very rarely interact with customers face-to-face.

We are also business casual, with many erring on the side of casual. I keep my nails short because they are brittle and I type all day.

I could absolutely get away with wearing them here. FWIW, I still occasionally sport the probably out-of-trend accent nail with subtle? I could use some help and success stories to Office nail two biting my nails and cuticles. This works for about a month.

Then I start biting again. I started carrying an emery board and nail clippers in my bag, so if I feel the need I Office nail two excuse myself and file a bit. I try to distract myself and put my energy elsewhere when I feel the anxiety coming on. I have them at my desk, by my bed for cuticlesin my car and in my purse. Always having a nail file is a good strategy. I was looking pretty good after the holidays, but this last week has been incredibly stressful and mine are all raggedy again.

Somehow I broke myself of the biting habit though stress does sometimes get the better of me.

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When I got the urge to bite my nails, I restricted my biting to my pinky nails Office nail two. I think being mindful helped, and eventually I was able to cut it out altogether. I wanted to look professional and in my head that meant non-bitten nails.

It was probably not the greatest idea, but I started getting gel nails and just kept Office nail two up for about two years. Investing the time and money made me hate the idea of ruining my expensive manicure!

I mostly do them myself at home now, with Vinylux Office nail two because it tends to dry faster and last longer. So now I carry a mini file in my wallet. I am sitting here with bare nails that I filed way down because they were looking a little raggedy, and regretting that I did not give myself my weekly mani a few days ago. Apparently I never learn! Not a success story here. The only thing that temporarily cured me of biting my nails was having my jaw wired shut for entirely unrelated reasons, by the way.

The only Office nail two that works for me is keeping my nails quite short and filed and my hands moisturized. As long as they are quite short I leave them alone — the second they get even a smidge of length, I start biting again.

I was a nail biter for like 20 years before I stopped. I tried everything and nothing else worked. Trim them to get the weak bits off the end, get a nice nail file like a crystal oneand file your nails at least once a week.

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If you want a pair of heavy duty Office nail two, get Japanese ones like green bell. The Power of Habit book by Charles Duhigg has a story about someone breaking this habit.

This is why I have acrylic nails — Office nail two a nail biter all my life and still will pick at them if there are ragged edges, etc. But if I have short, pretty, plastic nails and keep a cuticle clipper and a nail file in my desk, then I can avoid it.

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Bit my nails for years and then paid for silk wraps once I had my first law firm job, and the idea of biting off what I paid for was enough to make me stop.

That said, I still chew my thumb when excessively stressed 30 years later and actually had my GC comment on it once so very conscious of it now. I Office nail two a nail file in my purse, my briefcase and my desk and file away anytime I get a raggedy edge. Right now I have an OPI black base with black and silver glitter in it — I like to do glitter topcoats too since those sometimes elongate wear time.

I say, polish-wise, anything goes. I frequent the federal courts and this is just not an issue. Office nail two

If you have clients or jurors? But seriously, colors are fine.

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As with clothes, accessories, etc. BTW, I am also firmly in the camp of no-polish-required. Manicures home or prof are not a requirement for women in the workplace. Do whatever makes you feel happy and confident. I am in-house, working in a business casual environment. Instead, I just had unsightly, unevenly painted red nails. My solution has been to forego nail polish completely and simply carry a nail file in my bag so that I can rectify the damage once its done rather than attempt to prevent it.

Did you try gel polish? I know a lot of women do this, but it totally blows my mind. Extremes in all three would be too much, in my experience.

Does Office nail two else think like this or am I just off on my own island? Office nail two think you are right.

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